2.2 Elder Planet NFTs

Realm Of Titans was one of the earliest projects to develop a series of NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. The minting was a successful collaboration between two brothers, William and Luke Baker, that combined their respective skills in digital design and software development.

The project has been funded from that independent sale of 12,000 NFTs featuring the original Realm Of Titans designs. This first minting was completely sold out in 2021, leading to the current community of over 2,200 different NFT holders and over 6,000 followers on social media platforms.

In response to community demand, the Founders incorporated Interplanetary Games Ltd. (the “Company”) to develop a blockchain-based game for the original NFT series.

Now known as Elders, the initial trading values of the NFTs were dependent on the rarity of the planet-type as well as the number and rarity of their various accessories.

The same scale has been implemented in the Game where rarity and accessories enhance the ”Yield” of Elder Planets. The Elements yielded by a Neptune Elder for example, also make it easier to create a Neptune Titan.

Both mechanisms therefore reward early supporters of the Realm Of Titans project, in particular those that own rare original NFTs.

Each planet within the system generates specific resources and Galaxy Dust at a base rate. These yields are intrinsic to the planet type and do not factor in any additional multipliers from accessories.

Yields from Golden planets are 10% based of the total supply of the planet type. Yields from planets with other accessories are adjusted according to a cumulative score derived from the relative supply ratios of each accessory compared to the 'Fez' accessory. This score is then normalized by the greater of either one or one-third the total number of accessories. An accompanying chart provides a simplified visualisation:

Planetary staking can be undertaken for durations of 3, 6, or 12 months. The staking period chosen directly influences the multiplier applied to the base yield. The longer the staking period, the higher the multiplier:

A 3-month staking period applies a 1x multiplier. A 12-month staking period applies a 4x multiplier.

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