4.3 Galaxy Dust

Galaxy Dust (ticker:[DUST]) is a crypto asset issued by Cosmic Capital. The Ethereum & Cardano-based, native token will have a capped maximum supply of 500,000,000 DUST and a proposed supply schedule as shown below.

In Realm Of Titans, DUST is a natural resource with finite supply that can be used for payment, crafting and community governance features as well as peer-to-peer transfers. The same broad in-game utility is the reason that almost 50% of the long-term supply is being allocated to the Realm Of Titans Universe. This will provide a sufficient margin for the circulating supply to be increased in alignment with growth of the Realm Of Titans user base.

The DUST token economy has therefore been split into four distribution segments for release over at least a 5-year period.

Token Details

Token Distribution

The lockup periods in the Token Distribution are followed by a linear release period over which tokens are distributed to DUST Buyers in equal, periodic tranches.

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