4.1 Blockchain Strategy

Most GameFi applications are developed using a two-tiered blockchain strategy in order to find a balance between the trust of decentralisation and the quality of player UI/UX. This delegation of digital processes between sidechains or private servers is a crucial task when planning p2e games so that the project can enhance the utility and interoperability of their token without sacrificing the quality of gameplay.

Realm Of Titans is a hybrid decentralised game on the Cardano blockchain. This means that while in-game assets can be minted as fungible tokens or NFTs, the majority of in-game logic will be processed off-chain to optimise Game quality.

Cardano Blockchain Protocol

Cardano was started by Ethereum Co-Founder Charles Hoskinson and released in 2017 as an alternative, academic-driven ledger with several benefits over EVM-based blockchains. While the Cardano blockchain is decentralised and open source, it implements a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism which is more efficient, more scalable and less environmentally damaging than proof-of-work blockchains.

The Founders of Realm Of Titans have both been committed members of the Cardano NFT ecosystem since its conception and the project was established in 2021 via the initial sale of 12,000 Elder Planet NFTs on the Cardano blockchain.

Intergalactic Bridge

The Intergalactic Bridge is the Cardano-based gateway into the Realm Of Titans Universe.

Registered players deposit on-chain Crypto Assets into the Bridge so that the equivalent Game Assets are made available in their Inventory. Where the Cardano ledger records on-chain holdings, the player balance of Game Assets will be recorded on a private ledger called the Realm Of Titans Database (“ROT.DB”).

The two ledgers will be synced over the Bridge being developed by Cosmic Capital so that the circulating supply of each fungible and non-fungible asset is maintained at their defined caps. Periodic snapshots of ROT.DB will also be published on-chain so that there is a comprehensive and immutable record of all asset transactions for transparency and auditing purposes.

While many games seek an unnecessary degree of decentralisation, the hybrid strategy of the Intergalactic Bridge will support the Realm Of Titans Universe with a more agile technology solution is able to:

  • Leverage the decentralised, immutable and auditable benefits of blockchain and crypto asset technology.

  • Simultaneously optimise game quality without on-chain latency or cost.

  • Allow traditional gamers to play Realm Of Titans without any pre-requisite knowledge of web3, blockchain ledgers or cryptocurrency.

  • Integrate bridges to other layer 1 blockchain protocols for multi-chain adoption of tokenised Game Assets.

  • Easily introduce fresh new content changes and aesthetic enhancements.

N.B. Not all players may be eligible to register for the Intergalactic Bridge by on-boarding with Cosmic Capital. Access to withdrawal of fungible and non-fungible assets may be subject to due diligence for compliance with applicable regulations.

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