4.2 Token Utility

The majority of p2e games follow the dual token model of Axie Infinity, with a governance token of capped supply and game token of uncapped supply, the latter being earned in-game and spent on in-game functions such as an NFT marketplace.

The Realm Of Titans Game instead has a single currency, Galaxy Dust, which acts as a governance and game token:

  • DUST will be exchangeable for all in-game assets across the Realm Of Titans universe and it will be used to pay fees for all the Game features described above including the Forge, Arena, Marketplace and Guilds framework.

  • As a decentralised crypto asset, Galaxy Dust will also be trade-able on centralised and decentralised exchanges, offering utility, liquidity and DeFi yield opportunities to token holders outside of the Game.

These consolidated functions and the capped supply are expected to enhance the utility and therefore the market potential of Galaxy Dust in the p2e environment.

Aside from Galaxy Dust, Realm Of Titans will feature 12 other fungible assets as in-game Resources. These are subdivided into two types: Elements and Materials.

Resources have uncapped supply so that the inflows and outflows of each token can be monitored and balanced to achieve a stable token supply.

Players gain Resources by staking Elder Planets, battling with Titan Planets, disassembling Items, or buying them in Marketplace. The resources can then be used for creating Titan Planets and crafting or upgrading Items.

These in-game Resources will only be tradeable for Galaxy Dust in the Kuiper Belt Marketplace, optimising utility as DUST markets are the gateway for players entering or exiting the Realm Of Titans economy.

In-Game Resources

Elder PlanetElementsMaterials



Void Stone


Tear of Desire

Void Stone


Majestic Core

Void Stone


Crimson Shard

Primordial Rune


Atmos Particle

Primordial Rune


Corrupted Heart

Primordial Rune


World Eater Core

Photon Shard



Photon Shard



Photon Shard

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