3.1 Realm Of Titans

Realm Of Titans is an all in-browser play-and-earn strategy game under development by IP Games Ltd. The Game combines short, MOBA-style battles with multiplayer guilds that fight over an extensive map of the Realm Of Titans Universe. Following the Beta launch planned for early 2023, the Realm Of Titans Game will be developed with periodic updates being released to alter mechanics as well as introducing new game content and features. While Elder Planets produce natural resources and in-game Yield, players also create Titan Planets which fight in battles to increase their level in a range of gameplay modes. Compete as individuals in ranked leagues, or form Guilds to conquer territory in the Realm Of Titans Universe.

Various in-game items can be crafted, upgraded and equipped to enhance Titan characteristics. All items and all types of planets can then be traded via the in-game Marketplace, allowing players to buy new planets or gear for their solar system and sell the items they win to earn in-game Galaxy Dust. Much more than a battle strategy game, Realm Of Titans will therefore be a thriving ecosystem of participants, with multiple roles to play and economic opportunities to explore.

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