3.2 Titans

Titans are smaller celestial bodies, created from the materials that can be derived from Elder Planets. These Titans take a humanoid form so that they can protect themselves with armour or enchanted accessories and wield a selection of powerful weapons.

Titans cannot be staked to produce resources like Elders. Instead, players deploy their Titans in league or guild battles in order to win Battle Rewards. These are randomly generated by the Game engine to include a combination of Elements, Materials and Galaxy Dust.

Players level up their Titans by earning experience points (“XP”) from battles, daily or weekly tasks and guild activities.

To encourage a harder-to-achieve end game (and discourage any pay-to-win mentality), higher rarity planets, such as Pluto, will be harder to level than more common planets. Items such as weapons and armour will also require a certain level of planet to equip.

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