3.3 Assets

Galaxy Dust (ticker: [DUST]) is a precious and scarce natural resource that players use as the primary currency of the Realm Of Universe. Materials are ancient resources that players use in the creation of Titans and the crafting of powerful items. Realm Of will start with 3 in-game Materials including:


Void Stone

A powerful stone found only in the treacherous corners of the Dark Beyond. It comprises of ominous black hole matter and is believed to rival the energy of a photon shard.

Primordial Rune

The universe relies on special artifacts called primordial runes to support its unfathomable structure. Without these ancient building blocks that generate cosmic power, the entirety of space will crumble and collapse.

Photon Shard

The most powerful material known to the finite universe. These luminous wisps of condensed light are the fragments left of Luxuria when she exploded after getting hit by Prime Galactus’ ethereal blast.

Elements are rarer forms of ancient resources that are specific to each of the 9 planet-types, as shown below and in Appendix I by their elemental composition and associated mythology in the Realm Of Titans Universe.



A red-hot flaming rock mined from the scorching grounds of Helheim. It pulsates like a heartbeat.

Tear of Desire

The precious tear of Wisteria’s emotionless ruler, Venus. This rare bead of sorrow has hardened into a crystal that can bewitch even the most resilient warrior.

Majestic Core

A mesmerizing, soft, rainbow-colored feather obtained only from the sheds of the Adarna Fowl, the first life form Earth has created.

Crimson Fragment

A scrap of metal chipped away from Mars’s legendary armor. Surprisingly, this tiny piece weighs heavier than a full-blown meteorite.

Atmos Particle

Be careful when handling this extremely volatile cocktail of hyperactive atoms, or you might blow yourself up! Even its creator, the mighty Jupiter doesn’t recklessly mess around with it.

Corrupted Heart

Saturn’s heart after succumbing to evil. The cold ebony thorns wrapped tightly around it ensure that the old, innocent and pure Saturn will never come back.

World Eater Core

The throbbing heart of a colossal world eater Uranus has slain. Depending on the circumstances, this core can either destroy an entire galaxy or create a whole new one from scratch.


A ball of activated cosmic matter created by Neptune to power up his research facility. It’s ironic how this ice-cold sphere can burn your hands.


A radioactive metal accidentally crafted by Pluto while trying to find a way to break through the Nether’s natural barrier.

The asset flow diagram below shows the utility of Game Assets in Realm Of Titans. Elder Planets are staked in order to collect the natural resources emitted by each elemental type (an associated Yield of in-game Elements or Materials).

Those Elements and Materials can then be used for various in-game mechanisms. Titan Planets are produced by a Creation reaction in the Forge, while Items such as weapons, armour or accessories must be produced and upgraded with Crafting.

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